Consulta Alicante Entre hadas pediatría

Your pediatrician in Alicante


Your pediatrician in Alicante

Consulta Alicante Entre hadas pediatría

Welcome to Entre Hadas Pediatría

Entre Hadas Pediatría is the close and careful paediatric service that sees the youngest, and not so young, at home, with care and professionalism.

It was born from the enthusiasm of two doctor sisters to create personalised and quality care.


We are two inseparable sisters who share the love for our work. We started our project in December 2018 with all our enthusiasm and the support of our parents. That way, we started practising the medicine we always wanted.

Doctora Estrella García de Entre hadas Pediatría

Dra. Estrella García

Family physician

Speciality in Paediatric Area

Medical Association Member Number:
03- 0309396

Doctora Ángela García de Entre hadas Pediatría

Dra. Ángela Caridad García


Sub-speciality in Child Gastroenterology

Medical Association Member Number:
03- 4117578

Equipo Entre hadas pediatria

Aux. Mila Egido Fernández

Nursing assistant


We take care of your health from birth to adolescence

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In this section, you can find topical articles contrasted with scientific evidence in order to consult your doubts with reliable information. You can also find articles on recommendations, childcare, advice and experiences. All of it written for you by doctors Estrella and Ángela in a close and professional manner.

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January 31, 2023

Vacuna contra la COVID19 en la edad pediátrica.

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